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Jack&Jones Autumn 2019
// Brand-film //

Director: Jesper Dalgaard // DoP: Nadim Carlsen // Editor: Denniz Göl Bertelsen //


VR-installation @ Chateau Motel // Duration: 12 min. (full performance 40 min.) //

Director: Jesper Dalgaard // Producer: Mads Damsbo // Composer: Johan Carøe // Sound design: Mathias Dehn & Brian Dyrby // Editor: Denniz Göl Bertelsen // Produced by Makropol // Visit the DOOM ROOM website // Read about the VR-installation in VICE Creators Project

The oracle welcomes the audience and perform communion. One at a time a blindfolded audience of six enters a room.
Here they embody a hunter with a bloody heart in his hand. They go through a spectrum of emotions and spaces that all try to make their heart beat.
But by traveling through these constructed realities of hyper sensuality and suspension they find themselves searching for meaning, which in the end will resolve in their realization that they themselves are physically present in the only narrative available - their own. Die and be reborn in the DOOM ROOM.


Urmutter - Gone Home Syndrome
Music video // Duration: 4:34 min. //

Director: Adam Bonke // DoP: Adam Wallensten // Editor: Denniz Göl Bertelsen // Grading: Daniel De Vue // Bacon Production